Universal surface cleaner. Best chef. 500ml

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Universal surface cleaner with powerful rowanberry extract. 500ml. You can be best chef in the world and universal surface cleaner is your Sous Chef for sure. A blend of organic plant extracts effectively cleanses all washable surfaces removing grease, grime, dirt, mould, mildew, and other stuck-on debris. Cooking can be family fun time together making a lot of cupcakes or trying new pizza recipe. Maybe it is time for creating family Cookbook.

INCI: Purified Water, Anionic surfactant (Plant derived) ≤ 5%, Non-ionic surfactant (Plant derived) ≤ 5%, Sodium chloride (Food grade), Citric acid, Pyrus sorbus (Rowanberry) fruit extract*, Ethanol (Vegetable origin), potassium sorbate (Food grade preservative), Aroma.

How to use:  just spray and wipe. For tougher marks, leave to act for a few minutes before wiping.