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Founder of Purenn

Our mission is to reduce the negative impact on the environment, animals and people to zero.

Recent global trends show that more and more consumers are demanding transparent information about product ingredients. Household products are no exception. Gone are the days when only "phosphate-free" information was enough. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of ingredients and demanding products that comply with sustainable, environmentally friendly principles. This is important to us too.

The range of PURENN products is -100% natural, GMO-free, without artificial colors and fragrances, safe for the skin and respiratory system, animal-friendly, 100% degradable to the environment.

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Purenn values

Ecocontrol certification and NCP eco-product status ensure that the products are produced in a natural and environmentally friendly way, no animal testing is performed, the products do not contain micro-plastics and petroleum-derived raw materials.

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