Universal bathroom cleaner. Superhero 500ml

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Universal bathroom cleaner with active lemon. Superhero. 500 ml. Powerful, natural, and active plant-based ingredients will act as Superhero in your bathroom, leaving it shiny, free from water and soap residues or kid’s artistic experiments. Now you can enjoy your wellness oasis and maybe take a bath?

INCI: Purified Water, Anionic surfactant (Plant derived) ≤ 5%, Non-ionic surfactant (Plant derived) ≤ 5%, Sodium chloride (Food grade), Citric acid, Acetic acid, Pyrus sorbus (Rowanberry) fruit extract*, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemery) extract*, Ethanol (Vegetable origin), potassium sorbate (Food grade preservative), Aroma.

How to use: Just spray and wipe. For tougher marks, leave to act for a few minutes before wiping.